A Manifesto

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Actually, this is my first post, but all WordPress posts seem to start that way, so why break the mould? This first post is just a bit of background about me, and a manifesto for the blog…

Of course I don’t hate Rock ‘n’ Roll!!! Ever since I was in my early teens, I’ve been obsessed with Rock music. Back in the day, I would spend all the money I had on tapes, and soon afterwards, CDs. I was given £100 at the end of my school work experience placement, and I immediately bought my first CD player. Years later, my first proper paycheque was spent (in part) on an mp3 player.

Music was my main priority in life and was my main topic of conversation. It was the yardstick by which I would measure people. I would openly criticise people for listening to music I considered ‘wrong’. I fell out with a girl once by insulting her favourite bad, Placebo: ‘Their lead-singer is a transvestite called Brian. That sounds like something from Monty Python!’. Shortly after that she withdrew her invitation for me to go to Glastonbury with her. Damn! That maybe one of my problems with music: I don’t take it as seriously as the musicians and fans would like me to. Ironically, Placebo’s Nancy Boy was the first CD I ever bought.

Despite my cynicism, I followed (and was critical of) every musical genre since the ’90s; Post Grunge, Britpop, that insipid indie that followed Britpop, Nu Metal, Emo, Faux Soul. Despite this ridiculous stratification of Rock, I’ll admit there has been some great music in the last fifteen years. Recently however, I’ve found that more and more of my iPod Shuffle’s precious disk space is taken up with podcasts and comedy. In fact, I recently changed the name of the folder that contains my mp3s, from ‘Music’ to ‘Audio’.

I don’t hate music, but it no longer holds the thrill for me that it once did. It surely isn’t because I’ve listened to every good album ever. In fact, I’m quite open about the fact that there are gaps in my musical knowledge. However, when I listen to a classic album, or a new album for that matter, I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of ‘meh’. That’s a technical term.

So to summarise: this blog is a chronicle of the end of my love affair with Rock ‘N’ Roll.

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