Morrissey Flow Chart

Below are the fifteen simple steps that Morrissey follows to ensure the highest level of remuneration, with the least effort:

  • Record 4 songs about your feelings of ennui
  • Record 4 pop-y songs
  • Record 4 songs with controversial content/titles
  • Release above songs as an album
  • Start first leg of major tour
  • Say something controversial in an interview to promote tour
  • Wear some of your own merchandise on stage; thereby encouraging fans to buy it
  • Repackage and release the above album with extra tracks and video
  • Record concerts for live album and live DVD
  • Start second leg of tour
  • Release above live album and DVD – sell at concerts
  • End tour
  • Release ‘rarities’ compilation
  • Release ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation
  • Go back to Step 1

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