Fifty Musical Genres That Sound Made-Up


 …and possibly are.

I didn’t intend to write this post. Originally, I was going to write another one of my “hilarious” posts where I make up music genres and discuss them as if they’re real. However, I found out that one of the styles I “invented” turned out to be real. It seems truth is stranger than fiction (and indeed, Ruth is stranger than Richard). So, I went to Wikipedia to find out what other crazy styles are actually out there, and I was staggered by the sheer number. These days, if someone makes music which sounds even slightly different from what’s gone before, people think it is deserving of its own category. I’m not sure if this trend is to do with hipster snobbery, or a reaction to the increasingly homogenised chart music. That’s a debate for another day, and probably another blog.

Anyway, here is the result of my many minutes of research on Wikipedia…

  1. Crust punk
  2. Bent edge
  3. Nardcore
  4. Folk metal
  5. Djent
  6. Death ‘n’ Roll
  7. Viking rock
  8. Cowpunk
  9. Punk pathetique
  10. Dangdut

  1. Lowercase
  2. Liquid funk
  3. Hardbag
  4. Japanoise
  5. Grindie
  6. Isolationism
  7. Neurofunk
  8. Darkstep
  9. Folktronica
  10. Ghettotech
  11. Humppa
  12. Swamp pop
  13. Livetronica
  14. Wonky pop
  15. Sophisti-pop
  16. Yé-yé
  17. Unblack metal
  18. Nintendocore
  19. Pornogrind
  20. Mathcore
  21. Medieval metal
  22. Filk
  23. Czech bluegrass
  24. Tecno brega
  25. Grindcore
  26. Gabber
  27. Psybient
  28. Illbient
  29. Space disco
  30. Diva house
  31. Progressive bluegrass
  32. Folk noir
  33. Death industrial
  34. Martial industrial
  35. Electronic body music
  36. Goa trance
  37. Aggrotech
  38. Power noise
  39. Technoid
  40. Witch house

I state that these aren’t made-up, but I suppose they all music styles are, to a certain degree. It’s human nature to try to categorise things into groups, and often people go too far. However, enough people must think that these are worthy of a Wikipedia page.

Your homework is to go and listen to at least one song from each of these styles. Good luck!

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