John, Paul, George, Ringo… and Peter?

Along with being the most revered rock band of all time, The Beatles are probably the most parodied. Their distinctive songs, accents, haircuts, and clothes, were all ripe for satire. However, there have been many poor spoofs of the “Fab Four” over the years, mainly by kneejerk reactionaries in the 60s and those looking for lazy laughs of recognition.

Peter Serafinowicz is a very funny man, a skilled impressionist, and a big fan of his fellow Liverpudlians, which is why his Beatles spoofs are some of the greatest ever. He’s done a good many over the years, but here’s five of the best…

I’ll Kill

Serafinowicz has done a few videos for Funny or Die UK, including this song which shows that Paul McCartney might not be the loveable guy he makes himself out to be.

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?

Serafinowicz occasionally does a guest spot on BBC6 Music, where he always does terrific sketches like this one. Being a track from The White Album, I guess you couldn’t really call the original song a “deep cut”, but this is certainly not a tune that I’ve heard sent up before, which makes it all the better.

Bad Night Moonlight

With the help of Chilly Gonzales on piano, “Good Day Sunshine” is transposed to the minor key, and along with some new lyrics, this upbeat track becomes something more sinister.

Ringo Remembers: Goldfinger

Here’s another of the Ringo Remembers series, this time from Serafinowicz’s TV show. Here we find Ringo performing an early solo song.

Ringo Remembers: Imagine

And saving the best for last…

Superb in both writing and realisation, in my opinion, this is one of the best comedy sketches of all time.

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