The Best of ‘What’s In My Bag?’

Amoeba Music, the famous LA record shop, has a great little web series called What’s In My Bag? They invite well-known people into their store, let them shop around for a while, and then interview them about the albums they chose. It’s basically a non-copyright-infringing version of Desert Island Discs. There’s often a lot of hipster-y posing, but there are a fair few videos where the celeb’s genuine love of music shines through. Here’s a few of the best videos…

Noel Gallagher

Unlike the others on this list, Gallagher’s video is ad hoc. Amoeba didn’t know he was coming; they just saw him in the aisles and ushered him into the green room for this brief but enjoyable video. He’s taking a punt on some artists that are new to him, and some of his choices (Pink Floyd, Can, and David Axelrod) are fairly surprising. Never one to mince words, he guesses that he’ll find a lof of these “shite”. He also gets a Hawkwind album “to see what all the fuss is about”. I don’t think there’s been fuss about Hawkwind for about 40 years.


Although known primarily for dance and electronic music, Moby has some fairly eclectic tastes. It’s pretty funny to hear someone so softly spoken espouse the delights of hardcore punk. He also likes artists as diverse as Howlin’ Wolf, Buzzcocks, and even Rick Wakeman. It’s a shame that he lapses into hipster-ism with the purchase of a T-shirt of the band Non. You probably haven’t heard of them.


DJ Spinderella

What a blast from the past! Spinderella, of Salt-N-Pepa fame, is apparently still working as a DJ, and treats her trip to Amoeba as a way to get records for her nostalgia sets. Canny! Her choices are mostly unadulterated cheese from the eighties, e.g. Ashford & Simpson and The Knack, but she chooses some more respectable stuff, like Candi Staton and Sly Stone, too. Incidentally, she performed a DJ set especially for Amoeba, which you can check out here.

Lou Barlow

If I saw Lou Barlow in a record shop, I’d probably think he worked there. It’s that lethal combo of beard, glasses, and long hair that does it. He clearly hasn’t let his status as an alt-rock god go to his head, as he seems very down-to-earth. However, he loses a few coolness points when he chooses one of his own albums. I’m sure he already had a copy in his house somewhere. He finishes up by getting the DVD of A Christmas Story for his kids. Some might say he’s lost his edge.

Elijah Wood

Actors are generally the worst participants for What’s In My Bag?, but Elijah Wood is the exception. He is a self-described “record nerd”, and while he loses some cred when he says Rod Stewart is the lead singer of the Small Faces, he does seem to know a fair bit about music. He’s willing to dabble in just about anything, from Russian funk to British post-punk. He even buys an album just because he likes the cover art. Oh, to have such riches. That’s Middle Earth money, right there.

Wild Flag

Wild Flag were an alt-rock supergroup based in the Pacific north-west. Their video is fun because the band members are clearly perplexed by each other’s choices. Lead singer Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame, proves she’s something of an intellectual, by referencing Philip Larkin’s love of saxophonist Sidney Bechet. She even buys books as well as records. Gasp! So she must have been fairly embarrassed by her two bandmates (Mary Timony and Rebecca Cole), who both bought Lionel Richie albums.

Dave Grohl

Grohl isn’t buying records for himself; they are Christmas presents for all his road crew. He truly is the “Nicest Man in Rock”™. Wait, he’s buying them singles and not albums? The cheap bastard! Actually, all his choices are super-obscure hardcore punk releases which are probably pretty rare. Alcoholics Unanimous? Icky Joey? – I’m not convinced those are even real. FYI, his former bandmate Krist Novoselic also did a video. I guess he must’ve been passing the store with his shopping cart.

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