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There’s a crazy urban myth regarding Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It’s been around coincidentally as long as the internet, and states that the album works as a sort of alternative soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz. The theory goes, that if you start playing the album at the same time you start playing The Wizard of Oz (with the sound muted), the album will synchronise with the film’s visuals in interesting ways. By that, I mean that the music corresponds to what’s happening on screen, and the songs change when scenes do. Some people say that it goes beyond mere coincidence, and that the album must have been composed specifically for this purpose.

The idea of this has always intrigued me. I’m embarrassed to say that soon after I heard about it, I bought a copy of DSotM and The Wizard of Oz and tried it out for myself. I am possibly the only person in the world who was not high when I did this. I noticed a fair few moments of synchronisation and was a firm believer that, while this was probably not a deliberate thing, it was certainly some kind of weird, cosmic coincidence.

Now I’m older and wiser, I’ve tried this synch again (still not high), to see if my opinion had changed. Someone had helpfully put the two together and uploaded it to Vimeo (YouTube for grown ups). The video is after the jump, and below that is a list of all times when I think that things do, and do not seem to synch…

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